1. Starting a new project2. Local development3. Version control4. Project management5. Remote environments6. Environment variables and secrets7. Databases and files8. Cloud services and Terraform9. full-stack-template specific details10. Production setup11. Running in production12. Creating a custom command13. Creating a custom plugin14. Creating a custom template15. Creating a zone16. Zone maintenance17. Zone monitoring18. Zone recoveryAPPENDIX A: Technology tutorialsAPPENDIX B: Software designAPPENDIX C: Modern server infrastructureAPPENDIX D: SecurityAPPENDIX E: Data protection and privacy (GDPR)

9. full-stack-template specific details

9.1. Setup authentication

9.2. Advanced transactions

Custom transaction timeout

Nested transcation

No transaction

9.3. Implement a cron job

9.4. Implement an autoscaled job queue

TODO authentication

TODO service mesh?

9.5. Split API into two microservices

Builds take time, upgrades are tedious for the full codebase, different parts of the software too tightly coupled, reusability of services, ...

(NOTE: For more complex microservice setups you may need: 16. api gateway, 17. service mesh)

9.6. Alternative technologies

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1. Starting a new project
2. Local development
3. Version control
4. Project management
5. Remote environments
6. Environment variables and secrets
7. Databases and files
8. Cloud services and Terraform
9. full-stack-template specific details
10. Production setup
11. Running in production
12. Creating a custom command
13. Creating a custom plugin
14. Creating a custom template
15. Creating a zone
16. Zone maintenance
17. Zone monitoring
18. Zone recovery
APPENDIX A: Technology tutorials
APPENDIX B: Software design
APPENDIX C: Modern server infrastructure
APPENDIX D: Security
APPENDIX E: Data protection and privacy (GDPR)